Harris Northstar

Integration Support | Hosting | Disaster Recovery 

Over 60 combined years of experience

Aegisys provides on-target support for the Harris Northstar suite of applications. With over a combined 60 years of experience, we have been providing indepth knowledgable support. Some of our employees worked directly with Harris Northstar as employee's which gives our support a "depth" that others do not have. We know most of the Harris Northstar team members and work along side them pro-actively on your behalf to keep your solution running as smooth as possible. If you are looking for a Full business Integration partner for Harris Northstar, look no further ... you have found Aegisys!

Performance - Application | Network | Managed

Aegisys has been called upon by Harris Northstar Clients and by Harris Northstar themselves to provide valuable insite into fundamental issues that range in severity from application slowdowns to full outages. We work on your behalf to resolve these problems fast to ensure your staff remain productive with a minimum of frustration.

WIth our agreements, we proactively monitor your Northstar servers and since Aegisys is Vendor neutral, we can assist in the integration and management of your entire network and related systems!

Deployment | Management | Databases

Aegisys supports and manages the application and the environment it runs in up to the point of logging into the application. Our vital collaborative approach to managing how the Harris Northstar applications performs, and how it is secured including all core functionality from Backup, Disaster Recovery and Patching within your network is tremendously valuable for our clients.

By working on your behalf, we provide key performance metrics to Northstar support to speed resolution of problems and allows you and your staff to remain productive.

We have keen knowledge of the databases that Northstar Suite of application runs upon and skilled in keeping those databases protected and optimized.

Aegisys is a Harris Northstar Partner

Aegisys is a business integrations partner with Northstar which enables NorthStar Utilities customers to take advantage of a full complement of IT cloud services and solutions. Aegisys has extensive knowledge of both the LDC industry, and the Northstar technical environment with a proven track record for providing customers with comprehensive infrastructure solutions & service.​

Supporting clients of the Harris Northstar Suite of applications ... everywhere!

Aegisys clients are throughout North America and into the Carribean and we are able to help you as long as there is an Internet connection. Our services are based on a cost effective flat monthly fee making our support real-time and on demand typically performed remotely. We provide our clients with our fully managed and secure remote access portal to your Northstar Suite of products when you authorize it, for as long as you permit. This same portal may be used by you and your staff to access your network from anywhere there is Internet. This is provided FREE with every service plan.

What our clients say about our Harris Northstar Suite of Services ...

We have been a longstanding client with Aegisys for 14 years which testifies to the service that Aegisys has provided. Aegisys continues to bring innovation to the table as IT environments expand and change. Aegisys is responsible for monitoring our IT network, providing innovative ideas and options, maintaining security and providing 24x7 support as required. Aegisys understands the high standards that Innisfil Hydro operates within and continues to deliver excellent service within our demanding timelines.I would highly recommend working with Aegisys."

Shannon Brown, Vice President of Corporate Services


"The service from Aegisys has always been precise, thorough and professional and the response to problems is timely limiting down-time from service interruptions. The Aegisys staff are easy to work with and attentive to the clients needs making for a good working environment. Thanks again for all of your support."

Richard Marks, City Chamberlain


Northstar Disaster Recovery - Offsite - "Go-Live" Ready

Aegisys Disaster Recovery for Northstar allows for a Go-Live ready server to SYNC with your in-house production Server(s). The Disaster Recovery server is in stand and tested weekly by your staff. We support Linux and Windows environments running assorted databases such as INFORMIX, INFORMIX ONLINE, ORACLE and MSSQL.

Aegisys is proven

When it comes to Disaster Recovery, there is no room for error. Aegisys protects Northstar clients in Canada and the USA from Disaster for over 14 years. We have stood by clients through natural disasters, forces of nature and through other elements beyond their control. Our Disaster Recovery works!​​

Disaster Recovery | Your location | Managed by Aegisys | It's all about choice

Whether you have alternate locations and are seeking the help needed to configure Disaster Recovery with your own hardware OR you wish to have DR to our cloud OR Host and have DR within the Aegisys cloud between our two Hosting facilities, Aegisys has the answer and management services to get your Disaster Recovery up and available. Our clients count on our services to be there when the worst and unforseeable happens. If you are looking for Disaster Recovery for Harris Northstar or any other in-house requirement (we are vendor neutral), we are the answer you are looking for. Call us today and get started with your own custom solution!

What our clients say about our Northstar Disaster Recovery Services

"The Aegisys Disaster Recovery service, is an essential part of Wellington North Power’s business continuity, in the event of crucial equipment failure or a weather related catastrophe."​

Judy Rosenburgh, President & CEO


"Aegisys gives us a sense of security"

Kelvin Eubanks, Information Technology Manager


"Keys Energy Services has been utilizing Aegisys services since 2004. Aegisys offers a wide spectrum of expertise and services that we’ve grown to count on, especially in these days of constantly being required to do more with less. We’ve found that Rick and his staff are always available, professional, knowledgeable, and quick to respond and are always looking out for our best interest. They are an integral part of my IT department."

Terry Beeman, Information Technology Supervisor


Hosting of Harris Northstar Suite of Applications​

​Contact us to learn more! 

Aegisys has been providing Managed Hosting Services for the Harris Northstar Suite of applications since 2001. Our innovative Hosting model places as many Northstar servers to run the applications fully integrated back to your location making them "as if in the next room". From Backup to day to day management, we do it all.

Our Hosting model has been adopted by the largest Harris Northstar ASP in Ontario for Harris Northstar Hosting as well as by Harris Northstar themselves used in Metersense hosting.

Aegisys has indepth knowledge of the hosting and management of Harris Northstar and Metersense up to and including the databases they run on and the performance that is demanded by their clients. Aegisys has been Hosting Metersense servers from the very beginning of the Metersense application being available in the hosting model making us among the most experienced in the hosting of Metersense.